Facing The Tiger

Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work

A webinar series hosted by

Dr. John J. Scherer

You don’t need to CHANGE yourself.

You need to COME HOME to yourself.

This changes EVERYTHING.

Dr. John J. Scherer

Previous episodes:

Episode 1: Why The Tiger?

Think of a ‘tiger’ as a difficult person or situation currently in your ‘jungle’ at home or at work that you have been hesitant to confront. The instant you identify a ‘tiger’, several important things become possible:

‘When you name it, you can tame it’. Naming a ‘tiger’ makes it real and gives you a chance to see it for what it is.

It is a clear indicator that what you have been doing isn’t working, that something different will be needed. Like when facing a very good tennis player, a ‘tiger’ is an opportunity to ‘raise your game’.

Medical doctors facing an unknown situation sometimes inject a tracing element into your body so they can ‘see what your internal system does with it’.

Naming a ‘tiger’ turns some difficult challenge facing you into an excellent diagnostic ‘moment’, allowing you to ‘see what your internal system does with it’. And when you run that ‘tiger’ through The Five Questions, significant insights come to the surface, resulting in greater clarity, courage and completion.

That’s why it all starts with a ‘tiger’.

What is a ‘tiger’ in your life right now?

Episode 2: What does work mean to you?

Episode 3: What is self-mastery?

‘Self-Mastery’? What is ’Self-Mastery’ and why does it matter?

In 600 BCE, Lao Tsu put it this way:
Those who know much about many things may be wise, but those who understand themselves are even wiser. Those who are master over many people may be powerful, but those who are mastering themselves are more powerful still.

In webinar Episode #3 we will explore: How Self-Mastery IS a kind of secret. What ’mastery’ entails (intention/practice, courage and authenticity) What is the ‘Self’ that needs mastering? And what are the potential risks and potential benefits?

Episode 4: Polarity Thinking — What the World Needs Now!

Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work. Polarity Thinking — What the World Needs Now!
A Conversation with Dr Barry Johnson

Polarities are everywhere today and our inability to see and embrace them is contributing to major conflicts around the world. The recent election in America is the perfect example of how we tend to polarize situations into what we see as competing oppostites—or poles—with a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’. Here are a few examples from the headlines:

– Left vs Right
– Freedom vs Law & Order
– Healthy People vs Healthy Economy
– Mercy vs Justice What if the ‘VS’ (the ‘OR’) in between these positions (poles) is actually an ‘AND’?

What if what we need is not Mercy OR Justice, but Mercy AND Justice? At the organizational level, what if it is not Cost OR Quality, but Cost AND Quality. Not My Success OR My Colleagues’ Success, but My Success AND My Colleagues Success.

So you are not the leader of a country? Tune into this webinar and discover insights to apply in your work group and in your most important relationship

Episode 5: How well do your relationships work? with Dr Barry Johnson

Barry and John will go from the macro to the micro, aiming polarity mapping at another important arena.

• Our relationships at home and at work.

• What polarities are present in YOUR relationships – and are you consciously caring for them

• Which pole of a key polarity are you over-emphasizing in a relationship – at the expense of its opposite? • What is that tendency ’costing’ you, your partner, and your relationship?

• What would be a simple-but-profound step in the direction of getting into the natural flow of energy between and around BOTH poles, turning the ‘or’ into the transforming ‘and’?

Join Barry and John for this lively and potentially life-changing hour!

Episode 7: Your Life Script

How to approach 2021?

In this episode Dr. John J. Scherer will share concepts and thought-provoking personal development exercises (taken from the new book) to help you identify themes in your Life Script, ‘interrupt’ unwanted patterns and open to new possibilities.

Episode 8: What happens on my ‘Stage’ and how can I edit the Script

Episode 9: Unleash Your Power

Have you ever explored how you get your inner power? What empowers you and what takes your powers away? And what happens when you don’t have it? What is the impact of having it? And what happens when you have the power and not realising you do?

This and more on the webinar. Join us for the last Facing The Tiger webinar in front of us!

It’s never too late to embrace your power!

Episode 10: Purpose, Power and Peace

Time and space for you to understand more deeply how your patterns and habits help and hinder you, and how you can truly develop in ways that bring more to your life and your relationships.

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