Facing The Tiger

Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work

A webinar series hosted by

Dr. John J. Scherer

You don’t need to CHANGE yourself.

You need to COME HOME to yourself.

This changes EVERYTHING.

Dr. John J. Scherer

Episode 10: Purpose, Power and Peace

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About this webinar series:

Facing The Tiger:
Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work

‘Everyone gets the
experience. Some get the

--T.S. Eliot

Learn how to turn your everyday experiences—at work or at home—into developmental opportunities for yourself and those around you. Be someone who gets the lesson!

Embark on a journey with two intrepid and experienced explorers to explore your old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving on the way to discovering new ways that open doors to greater purpose, power and peace.

Your guides on this journey, Dr John J. Scherer, Dorota Nawalaniec and Aggi Cielarska, are experts in leadership and personal development, as well as exquisite facilitators and workshop leaders.

The name of the series comes from John’s latest book, ‘Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work.’

In each episode, our hosts will tackle different aspects of life, inviting us – the audience – to engage in powerful conversations and shift our perspective, leading to new and meaningful discoveries.

Dr John J. Scherer

SLC Founder & President. As a former Combat Officer on a US Navy Destroyer, Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University, Gestalt and Family Systems Therapist, Graduate School co-creator, author, successful change consultant and entrepreneur, John brings a unique perspective to his life and work. Business and community leaders from 42 nations have graduated from his Executive and Leadership Development Intensives.

In 2008 John came to Poland ‘for six months’ to introduce his unique approach to Leadership Development andFacilitating Change in individuals, teams, and larger systems. Central/Eastern Europe proved to be VERY interested in what he had to offer, and more and more clients began to engage his services, including Siemens, Roche, Netia, PLAY, Unilever, WARTA, Tchibo, DHL, Price Waterhouse Cooper, ING, and ALIOR as well as Boeing, Microsoft, The US Army, The Government of Canada and many others.

John is the creator of hundreds of articles and online media, including The Scherer Leadership Report, and is author of Work and the Human Spirit (1993), FiveQuestions that Change Everything (2008), and the recent Polish version, Wiser at Work: Five Questions that Change the Way You Lead (2012). A prodigious writer, his work has been translated into 15 languages.

The Stephen Covey organization honored John as one of America’s Top 100 Thought Leaders inPersonal/Leadership Development, and in 2015 the International Organization Development Network recognized him with their coveted Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dorota Nawalaniec

Psychologist, Business Trainer, Personal Adviser and Coach, Facilitator.

She’s an author of international projects: “Find Yourself on the Desert” – provided on Moroccan Desert in corporation with SLC and Group of Moroccan Berbers; personal development projects conducted in Great Britain (Londyn); Economic Forum of Young Leaders – based on Open Space Method; Trainer for Lufthansa Global Tele Sales Brno.

Facilitator in training of the method “Leadership Intensive Development” by John Scherer. Facilitator and consultant in international projects in cooperation with Scherer Leadership Center. Coach and academic teacher.

She is a co-creator and writing partner of the book by John J. Scherer: “Facing The Tiger. Five questions that changes everything”. “Writing this book with John was not only my intimate journey through those five questions and five answers, but also a possibility of being in my TOV, which has been a nourishing and live wire state.”

“In my work, I strive to create a safe space in which every person can dare to meet their real self, see their uniqueness, and bring more authenticity to life. Encouraging the expansion of awareness, I create the opportunity to understand own fears and blockades, to cross them with courage and to create a living life.”

Aggi Cielarska

She is an enthusiast, a teacher and a creator. In her work as a trainer Aggi aims to develop professionals by influencing their attitudes, habits and convictions. In her work as a consultant she acts as a facilitator of change, helping organizations improve their long-term business results.

There’s selfishness in my work – every project is a new learning experience for me as well, not just the Client!

As a founder and leader of Accent group (currently 3 companies employing over 200 people), I learn about business everyday, the moment I wake up. So the biggest asset I bring in to any program is years of my own experience in the field.

More than just a series of

Facing The Tiger - The Book

If you wake up in the morning and step into any role that involves you interacting with other
people, this book is for you.

‘Facing the tiger’ is what you need to do at work—and everywhere in your life—to become all of
who you are. This book will help you turn your daily experience from things that happen TO you
into things that happen FOR you.


The Five Questions:

Q1 – What CONFRONTS me?

Q2 – What am I BRINGING?

Q3 – What’s been RUNNING me?

Q4 – What CALLS me?

Q5 – What will UNLEASH me?

This may well be the best business self-help book ever written. It’s like Think and Grow Rich, Seven Habits, and The Millionaire Consultant all rolled into one. Only better.

John Middleton, CEO Action Marketing

What you can learn from the book

Unleash the best of who you ARE into everything you DO.
Live and work with a greater sense of purpose, power and peace.

Discover and grow with additional
materials - discover the world of
"Facing The Tiger'

Fulfill deep hopes:
for pattern-interrupts,
the possibility of transformation,
and reconnecting with your inner source.

Bottom line personal benefits:
power and
LDI (Leadership
Development Intensive)
Interactive PDF e-book
Kindle Book


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