What Our Readers Are Saying

“Find out WHAT you can become (a wiser human being), WHEN it
can happen (any time of day), HOW (practice Facing the Tiger),
and WHY (greater purpose, power and peace). I love this book!“
– Joanna Heidtman, Ph.D.
Management and Leadership
Consultant,Author, Krakow, POLAND
“John Scherer’s writing reflects the kind of wisdom won, or perhaps
gifted, by a life lived in courage, openness, and service. Come to his table.
Share in the feast. Bring your warrior heart.”
– Elizabeth Kanada Gorla,
Leadership& Personal Development
Coach, U.K

Simply stunning.

– Dr Terry Rogers,
Medical Director, Lakeside Milam
Recovery Centers, Seattle, USA.
John’s work calls forth the self-awareness and deep discovery we
have been waiting for all of our lives.
– Dominic Cirincione, Executive &
Leadership Development Coach,
Hermosa Beach, USA
This book is not for everyone. It opens up a new world for those
who are brave enough to take on the inner journey. This universal
process works across countries, cultures and continents, regardless
of differences. John’s book shows us how to dive in and ‘park the
ego at the doorway’. Carpe diem!
– Jenny Georgieva, MSOD, OD
Consultant and Executive Coach,
Bucharest, BULGARIA
In this powerful book, John Scherer takes us beyond the everyday
race to fix, change, and improve ourselves to a methodology that
will actually enable us to live the life our hearts and souls are
– Dwight Frindt, Author, Accelerate:
High-Leverage Leadership for Today’s
World, USA
John’s metaphors are inspired. His words are easy-to-understand,
yet deep enough to be profound. Like an artist: some see colors,
some see shapes, and some appreciate age. You will find what you
are looking for in this book.
– Dr Lee Lu, Adjunct Professor,
Benedictine University, Taiwan/USA

What you can learn from this E-book

Unleash the best of who you ARE into everything you DO.
Live and work with a greater sense of purpose, power and peace.